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Intercultural Competence and Communication

I work with leaders from all industries who want to prepare for, and become more effective in cultural dimensions, who want to help foster a better working culture, a shared sense of purpose and a more resilient organisation.

I work with leaders/managers to build an environment of common understanding, psychological safety, and prosocial purpose that helps everyone connect.

My approach is multidisciplinary, based on my unique hybrid of expertise in intercultural relations and working in global businesses.

My rich professional background also spans divergent sectors. This means I am well-versed in thinking outside the box and translating my expertise to the realities of different organisations and industries.

My perspective is truly international, informed by my diverse cultural background as well as my experiences travelling and living in different parts of the world. This means my advice isn’t limited to a one-dimensional understanding of culture.

I offer consulting services to organisations to help them tackle intercultural challenges as well as leverage intercultural potentials in the following areas:

  • Cultural diversity management;

  • Communication in multicultural teams;

  • Leadership in culturally diverse environments;

  • Identification, evaluation and development of intercultural competence;

  • Training to live and work or do business in specific cultures (United Kingdom, the United States, China, most African countries etc.)

My client portfolio consists of expatriates; people who work globally and people who work in multicultural teams (this includes organisations that employee migrates).

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Sessions are facilitated via virtual formats including webinars and designed to truly support my clients, anytime, anywhere. All programs can be delivered in person if you are located in Helsinki region, Finland

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