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Faith Kayiwa Nababi 

I am an intercultural coach and organisational consultant working with clients who want to achieve top performance in a sustainable, purpose-led way.

I am also the Founder of Tailormade Consultancy.


I am a member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I hold a MA in Human Resources Management and BSc in Business Administration. I am trained as a life and mental wellness coach.

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I spent most of my career in Human Resources and was lucky enough to love what I did and, therefore, progress through roles and sectors helping companies to help their people flourish. I have worked with leaders and their teams on numerous issues they have grappled with when leading global teams – onboarding, retaining talent, communication, conflict management, building partnerships, change management, et cetera.


I live in two realities as an immigrant, and in both of them, I feel like an outsider. It's painful to feel excluded, misunderstood, and dehumanised, but it also gives me the power to identify unique ways of helping my clients. My fascination with different cultures started with my personal growth and the need to understand myself and find a sense of belonging. I was striving for psychological safety in a world where "outsiders" are often marginalised.


During my time in the UK, I collaborated with the local government and businesses to work on social integration. This involved promoting connectivity with the new environment, providing skills training and apprenticeships, promoting entrepreneurship, teaching financial literacy, and other means of helping people feel more connected to their new environment.


I collaborate with educators, healthcare professionals, and cities, providing them with tools and information to foster inclusivity.


As a supporter of people, I can handle most people's challenges. I'm excited to connect with you and share tips and solutions in an honest, straightforward, no-nonsense, and entertaining way.


Away from work, I enjoy reading and travelling, and I am currently fascinated with cultural anthropology.

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